Case Studies

Company: Leading Provider of Energy Conservation Tools and Services for property owners and managers.

Problem: The organization had rolled out powerful boiler and water monitoring devices to thousands of buildings in the tri-state area.  They had an existing solution in place to read data from these devices and alert building managers of boiler performance, but they were looking to take the platform to the next level, both in terms of being able to proactively let building managers know when the boilers were performing suboptimally, as well as provide a much more sound infrastructure for alerts and drill through analysis of building boiler performance data.

Solution: Worth Solutions looked at their existing Software and Hardware infrastructure and recommended the latest open source software Business Intelligence platform for rollout and integration into their existing infrastructure.  Within 8 weeks we had a working pilot.  Once we had buy in from the organization to move forward, within three months we had a working solution in production leveraging the best of breed open source Business Intelligence platform that was fully integrated with their existing infrastructure.  All leveraging a cost effective delivery model matching up Senior on shore Architecture and planning resources with solid, low cost, development teams offshore.


Company: Next Generation Talent and Performance Management checkup tool

Problem: The organization had just delivered the first version of their product and started to have issues in production with regards to software versioning and production support of the platform.  They were also having issues with mail delivery, some of the emails coming from the platform were ending up in users JUNK and SPAM folders.

Solution: Worth Solutions did a rapid assessment of their product development and production deployment processes and made a series of recommendations to both remedy the existing versioning problem, as well as provide for greater protection of the organizations intellectual capital and overall infrastructure architecture and product deployment strategy.  Furthermore, we worked with Habeas, one of the industry leading email management service providers, to improve email delivery rates and ensure the product followed industry best practices with regards to email delivery.


Company: North American Commercial Real Estate Development firm

Problem: The organization was experiencing considerable growth and was starting to see a lot of cost and organizational energy diverted to processing and managing contracts and leases.  Furthermore the organization lacked an enterprise search strategy that would allow the various divisions leverage the intellectual property being worked on in other parts of the company.

Solution: Worth Solutions built a solid business case for the CIO that outlined the existing business challenges around Content Management and Search and explicitly outlined the business benefits and financial model underpinning the proposed investment in an Enterprise Content Management and Search platform.


Company: Benefits Brokerage and Consulting Firm providing Executive & Voluntary Benefits programs to Fortune 1000 companies in North America

Problem: The company was looking for an assessment of their existing technology and organizational and technical infrastructure to prepare the company for growth and potential sale.

Solution: Worth Solutions did a thorough assessment of their Technology infrastructure, looking at areas of security, scalability and enterprise integration.  Worth Solutions delivered an explicit action plan that involved documenting existing processes and controls, as well as the bringing on board of certain technology skill sets to balance existing skill sets and prepare the technology infrastructure for growth.













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