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Technology Strategy

Our Technology Strategy practice leverages our years of experience building out and managing technology infrastructures to provide insight and guidance into setting up your technology infrastructure.  Whether you are looking to build out a development and production operations team here onshore, or leverage some of the cost effective talent overseas, Worth Solutions can help outline various options for you and identify the optimal strategy o fit your needs.  We do Technology Strategy work for startup firms who are looking to get the most mileage out of their dollar, to existing profitable entities that need help to grow and scale their technology infrastructure to a new level.


User Interface Design & Optimization

Core to the delivery of any successful custom software solution is the creation of a user interface prototype that helps flush out the business user’s needs and helps the development team get a better understanding of application functionality, as well as screen flow and navigation.  User Interface design & Prototyping is a key part of the Worth Solutions set of best practices that drives successful, on time, on budget software projects and allows Worth Solutions to share project delivery risk with their customers. 


Enterprise Application Integration

With the delivery and installation of any enterprise software application there comes the challenge of integrating the solution with the rest of the enterprise.  Worth Solutions brings years of Project Management and Systems Architecture experience and best practices to Integration projects to ensure that projects are properly managed and all project stakeholders are involved in delivery and that the integration solutions stands the tests of time and are delivered in a user friendly and easy maintainable fashion.


Software Design & Development

One of Worth Solutions’ core offerings is its software delivery arm.  This practice leverages the best of onshore Project Management and Business Analysis services and combines them with a high quality, seasoned offshore delivery team based in New Delhi, India.  In our experience, this approach to custom application software delivery yields the highest possible quality deliverable for the lowest possible cost.  Worth Solutions primarily focuses on Open Source Java or PHP platforms, but we do have a significant .NET delivery team as well.


Business Intelligence & Reporting

With the myriad of enterprise software solutions that have been sold and implemented in the past decade, a new challenge for organizations has arrived – namely how to aggregate, make sense of, and find core business data to facilitate good business decisions.  Worth Solutions’ Business Intelligence practice combines strong business analysis services with seasoned technology delivery professionals both on and offshore to both identify and optimize an organizations business intelligence strategy, as well as execute on that strategy to satisfy the business objectives at hand.  Our main core competency in the Business Intelligence arena is with off the shelf platform Business Objects and the open source platform Pentaho.


Production Operations Design & Support

Once a software solution is designed and delivered, most consulting firms wash their hands of the platform and wish their customer’s good luck in maintaining it.  Worth Solutions’ Production Operations Design and Support practice helps customers design the optimal production infrastructure to suit their needs, helps customers find the best hosting or managed service provider that fits their requirements, as well as provide key system administration and application maintenance personnel on and offshore to deliver the highest possible Service Level for the lowest possible cost.









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